Friday, November 7, 2008


This is a common appetizer or side dish in Brasil. Very easy to make!

First, you make some mashed potatoes. I assume everyone can make mashed potatoes, but if you go :

cut and peel potatoes and boil. I use a masher I got from Brasil, but you can mash them however you please. I like to mash them so they are fine and creamy. Add milk, sour cream, and garlic salt...mix. Let cool.


mix cooled mashed potatoes with flour until you get a dough like consistency. Roll into long strips, that looks like a long snake. cut into 1/2in to 1 in balls..add a little more flour to coat the balls. Heat oil in a fryer. Add a few balls and wait until golden brown, add parmesan cheese and COMER BEM!


ashley said...

Have you been to brazil?!

Ami Bethea said...

My kids would love these, I've got to try them. Ash, Andrea is originally from Brazil.