Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pasta w/ creamy steak sauce and Garlic Bread

This pasta dish is super easy.. and the garlic bread, just delicious.
So, cook any kind of pasta you like or have for that matter.
I like to add italian seasonings to the boiling water w/ the pasta (the grinder kind)

The sauce:
I cut up a fillet Mignon in tiny little pieces. added diced onions to the pan. season the fillet with seasoning salt (I use gourmet season salt by gonga breath). let cook for just a minute
add your pasta sauce : this can be any kind of tomato sauce, whether homemade or from a jar (classico or bertoli are the only ones I will buy).
dice 1 tomato in tiny pieces, add to the sauce (as you are adding them, mush them in your hands).
add Alfredo sauce (again homemade or jar)
add heavy whipping cream (just a little)
add some grated mozzarella cheese
simmer covered.

Garlic Bread :
here's the good part..
I used Swiss braided bread.. yummy, they deliver it to my door every week for only $3! (but you can use any kind.. except sandwich bread..unacceptable)
butter (I use the bremmel yogurt kind) about 1-2 tbsp
cream cheese or laughing cow Swiss cheese triangles (about 1/2 tbsp or 1 of the triangles)
grated mozzarella cheese, just a couple grates
grated Parmesan roman cheese, same as above
chopped parsley, about 1/2- 1 tbsp
minced garlic, about 1/2 tbsp
mix ingredients together and spread generously onto bread slices
put in the oven on low broil for just a few minutes, until edges are golden brown :)

(sorry for the poor picture quality..taken via cell phone and sent to facebook and then copied onto here.. just the easiest and fastest way for me to post)

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Anonymous said...

I'm grabbing that sauce recipe. A meat sauce made with meat? Should be delicious! ミ..ミ