Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pastel and Hamburger misto

Didn't know what to call this.. but it is just something simple we ate for dinner tonight and quick :)
*It's just hamburger meat ( first you sauté some chopped onions and garlic, then add your meat, seasonging salt, and pepper
*Then for the rice: I would like to know how everyone cooks their rice.. so here's what I did (just leave a comment and tell me how you make your to know different ways). I add a tiny bit of olive oil, onions, and garlic and then rice and sauté until coated. Next add hot water (cover until about your first knuckle deep) boil on high then cover and cook on med.
*Steamed corn on the cob and carrots
Mix it all together and you get the best of both worlds .. cheesy huh.

This my dear is what we call Pastel (pronounced like posh-tew) Is it yummy in my tummy (of coarse most things fried are). salgadinho's are tasty salty treats!
So, first you need masa (which is the flattened dough, which I'm sure none of you are going to make..unless you have a tortilla press, need to buy this, which is sorta like an egg roll dough. I get these in Brasil and they are round.
*Add your meat in the center. dab your finger in some water and seal the edges. fold over and seal by pressing a fork all the way around the edges.
*Next .. you fry in med-high heated oil...until golden brown.
(side note: make sure your meat isn't too hot when making these, because it will make a tear in your dough because of the heat).
This is a typical Brasilian home meal.. enjoy

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