Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pork Tacos

Well.. tonight was Mexican night and this is what I had :)

First, you make the salsa.. takes the most time: recipe here

Second, make your bean dip here

Third, guacamole here (at the bottom)

Then, get some ground pork ( you can use meat too or ground chicken) and cook it: season it with seasoning salt and pepper.

Meanwhile.. cut up some spinach leaves and iceberg lettuce..set aside.

grate some mozzarella cheese, set aside.

put your taco shells in oven on low broil in middle..let broil for just a minute to get warm

add your beans, then pork, sour cream & quacamole, cheese, then lettuce. serve with chips and salsa!

I know this is super easy.. just thought I'd share anyways:)